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By Tim Henderson

There were suggestions that Chris Tsangarides might be producing this record, a most certain throwback to the juggernaut Painkiller disc. "I'm producing it and Chris has come in in the initial stages and worked with me on a couple of aspects of songwriting so far, and a little bit of the production. He's actually producing something with Gary Moore at the moment, but his involvement is welcomed and Chris is a good friend of ours. But basically I'm producing the album.

As for the rumours that the band are banging heads over direction (Ripper - new style, heavier; remainder of the band - more vintage), Tipton is quick to react. First the rumour: confidential sources have said that yes, Ripper wants to push the Pantera-esque vision of Jugulator further, with added fuel being that Ripper might actually join Pantera, given volatility problems with Phil Anselmo.

"That's rubbish. You can speak to Ripper anytime you like, and I'd welcome it; he's over the moon with the album. We tried, as I said, to capture classic Priest with Jugulator, so there will be definite Jugulator influence on this album. Tim is so capable of singing any song or style that we'll have no problem capturing more classic Priest melody on this album. There'll be a lot more depth in this album. Not saying there's anything wrong with Jugulator, it is to me one of the best albums Priest have done, but you move on and now we're trying to expand the boundaries of Priest and metal on this album, and Tim's right there with us and he's up for it. There will always be rumours; where they come from far be it for me to say. There are people who have something to gain, I suppose, from putting Priest down. Ripper is so proud to be in this band and we're so proud to have him in this band. Tim's not unhappy at all; he's a young guy, he's frustrated and he wants to get out there and sing and we want to get out there and play. The album's taking a long time but other than that we'll be out there next year and we couldn't be happier."

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