GLENN TIPTON - A Touch Of Evil: Live
by Martin Popoff

How about a bit of the lay of the land with this live JUDAS PRIEST album? The track listing is kind of interesting... what is the mission with this record?

Tipton: "Basically, it's all previously unreleased live tracks. So, anything we haven't gotten released before live, or not everything, but this album contains tracks that haven't been released, other than bootlegs of course, officially live, by Priest."

Which songs, do you feel have quite a bit of a difference? Have a reworking?

Tipton: "Well, our songs don't differ a lot live from the album, in terms of arrangement, but they've just got a live feel. And I think every band, I think if you can do a good live album, the energy that you create on stage is usually more awesome, if you like, particularly in a band like Priest's case, than you produced in the studio. It's always a bit more clinical in the studio, where the tempo was more guarded, in the studio. We usually tend to upgrade things tempo-wise when we get on stage. And there is audience participation that just brings Priest songs alive. At the end of the day, we come alive in front of an audience, and we feed off an audience, and there's definitely far more energy there. So that's the reason we do live albums."

Looking at the set again, are there any here that you kind of joke about amongst yourselves as saying, these are really difficult, come on guys, we've really got to concentrate. What are hard tracks for Priest to play live?

Tipton: "Well, nothing is really hard, Martin. Obviously, when you dig deep, there are songs that we perform that we wrote 25, 35 years ago, in some cases, and what we're doing with this tour, is obviously we're playing British Steel start to finish, which is going to be a great thing. Bring songs like The Rage, Steeler, and then like classic songs, back, and then we're going to do some retro tracks as well, probably Freewheel Burning. We're not completely sure what were going to supplement it with, but we've got a pretty good idea. So it will all be sort of tracks from that era, and I think it's a very nostalgic era. The only difficulty is bring back tracks from a long time ago is that you tend to forget them, so you have to relearn them. Other than that, it's quite simple."

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