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by Martin Popoff

Now, this live album, Tom Allom is back as a co-producer. What does he bring to the table for the live album, and what did he bring to the table to help with your success in the early days?

Tipton: "Tom is a great producer, not just a great producer, but a great guy. When we first started work with Tom, the Tom Allom years, for want of a better phrase, are brilliant. Tom just has a way with the band. He knows us as individuals. He's very diplomatic, and he's got the ability to get what we want, but put his own stamp on it as well. And all credit to Tom, he worked with us on some great albums, and was responsible for the way, definitely, that the album sounded. I've got a lot of respect for Tom. He's also a great guy and a great friend. And that makes a big difference when you are working with people. You can work with great producers, but if you don't like them, it will show in your work. But we get on really well with Tom. And I think that's apparent in the sound of the albums and the production."

Specifically, is he a cheerleader for a certain thing, guitars, bass, drums? What is he a cheerleader for?

Now, you named the album after a Painkiller song, and it closes with Painkiller, and I've got to tell you, people just love that album; it's become one of your most popular albums. What is it about that album that is magic, against say, Ram It Down?

Tipton: "You can't really say. I mean, we've tried, on every album that we've actually produced, we tried to make it sound different and have its own character. And even the compositions, whilst remaining unmistakably Judas Priest, we've never been satisfied with repeating the album that we did before with different lyrics on it, which a lot of bands do. They get a formula and they stick with it. We like to push the boundaries further, and you know, no more than with Painkiller. I think Painkiller in its time was very innovative. You know, it wasn't exactly thrash, but it wasn't far off it. There are great tracks on Painkiller, All Guns Blazing. It's got a great selection of songs, very powerful songs, very well recorded, well produced. I think Chris Tsangarides worked with us on that album. Chris is also a great producer, and it's got a lot of energy. I think Painkiller just has excessive Priest energy, and I think that's what people like. For a studio album, especially."

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