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by Martin Popoff

Tipton: "Tom is very good at recognizing if the sound that we walk into the studio with is right. And then very diplomatic in the sense that if it isn't quite right, working with us to achieve what that particular track on that particular album should sound like. I mean, we always work very, very hard in the studio to achieve the best sound, both on drums and guitars. And if people think we walk in, after 35 years, that it's easy to walk into a studio and have the right guitar sound, it isn't. You have to work at it. You know, it can be very difficult after all these years. You change your equipment and therefore it records different when you walk in the studio. You're in a different era, tackling different types of songs. It always needs modification on the guitar sounds. So Tom is very good at working with us to achieve what that song and that album actually needs."

And what did he do with the live album? What was his role there?

Tipton: "Well Tom, we gave him tracks that had been recorded on the road, and sometimes those can be pretty rough around the edges. Depending on the particular night. It might be a great night concert-wise or vibe-wise, but the sound quality might not always be good. And then it's up to Tom to refine that and repair that, and make it sound good, and compress it and limit it, and just blend it in a great mix. And Tom is excellent at that. I'm not taking anything away from Martin Walker. Martin was our upfront live sound guy, and was responsible for recording sounds as well. So it was well recorded by Martin, but Tom is very, very good at getting a final result, getting a sound that is very Priest-like and he's done a great job in this album."

How many different versions of these songs would you listen to to pick one?

Tipton: "Well, we did record a multitude of shows. But there's no point listening past a version you are happy with. So when we did listen, we picked out the stronger concerts, and we sort of knew that that was the one to use or not. But again, Martin Walker did a lot of the groundwork on that, and we credit Martin for picking good shows and good concerts."

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