JUDAS PRIEST - Tipton Sets The Record Straight!! Page 3
By Tim Henderson

Halford mentioned recently that he had sent a letter of amends to the Priest camp and since that peace-offering, reunion theories began to surface and friendships seemed to have been rekindled.

"I think that Rob is responsible for causing a little bit of confusion. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's done it in any way, shape or form intentionally, but I have read in a lot of interviews where he talks about the fact that we're all pals again. He does mention the word reunion, and this is going to create a lot of confusion out there, which I think he's partly responsible for. Obviously Rob hasn't done it in a malicious way and as far as we're concerned we're glad to see him back on the heavy metal path."

Have you spoken to him? "No, I haven't spoken to Rob for a long time. I spoke to him earlier this year. I had a short telephone conversation with him, but that's all.

So have amends been made? "Yeah. From my point of view, I've always wished Rob well, always, and we're so glad to see him back on. Rob's been down a few weird musical paths that I don't think have done himself or Judas Priest any good. We're pleased to see him back on the trail, and as always, wish him well. We always have.

Have you heard Resurrection? "Yes, I've heard it once, which I don't think is enough to judge it. I heard it once and I was pretty sure what I was going to hear, and it's what I heard."

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