TKO - Three KO To Go
By Martin Popoff

Seminal Seattle metal act TKO see their three albums, Let It Roll ('79), In Your Face ('84) and Below The Belt ('86) reissued through Metal Mayhem ( shortly. If you recall, Metal Mayhem had already released In Your Face & Up Your Ass last year, but it seems that was a bootleg which the label thought was legit, having been told by Adam Bomb that he had the rights to the tapes. Not so, says TKO singer and leader Brad Sinsel.

"What kind of started all this is that there was a bootleg that came out that was basically illegally attached to Metal Mayhem. Of course I was wandering around the Internet and I found it and I said 'What the f**k is this?' and 'Who the hell do you think you are?' and 'My attorney is going to kill you' and we started talking about well, what else can we do? So I said you know what, let's just bury that one and move on. They claimed that that first issue of In Your Face, they didn't know it was a bootleg. Of course Adam Bomb had waltzed in there and declared that he had full rights to do it, so they got snookered by his spiel. So rather than kill Ryan at Metal Mayhem, I thought, well, it's not his fault, I've been snookered before (laughs)."

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