TKO - Three KO To Go Page 2
By Martin Popoff

So a working relationship was established, and all three are going to be done up right. "We're ass-backwards releasing the albums," begins Sinsel. "We're starting with Below The Belt, which is the last one, which is out now. We had to rebake the tapes for Below The Belt because after all those years the oxide needs to be refluffed. It's a pretty scary process. I think you put it in an oven at 400 degrees for 45 seconds or something so it's kind of touchy surgery. And then following that, we're actually going to re-release Let It Roll with a live simulcast, which will come out more toward the winter, with In Your Face in the fall."

Brad noted that with respect to bonus tracks, Below The Belt "has this whacked-out version of Mott The Hoople's 'One Of The Boys' which was supposed to be on there in the first place, but didn't make it. The live simulcast is for Let It Roll, but we haven't decided on the bonus tracks for In Your Face. The live simulcast was done when we snagged the deal with MCA. It's that first record deal when you'll do anything to get out there. We had signed with Mike Flicker who had done Heart. It was a production deal so they brought MCA in to do a simulcast for a radio station here. So it's a good recording of that material in front of a live audience and in fact, I like it better than the album. The more I look back at the album the more nostalgic I get because it's just littered with happy textures and glistening acoustics and pretty silly background vocals. We were so young. We said we would do whatever they say and we'll change it when we get out there and play live, which we obviously did (laughs)."