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By Martin Popoff

And you've got more real than anybody. "Exactly, so I'm never at a loss for content (laughs)."

I asked Tommy if he felt misunderstood, addressing the theme of the first single. "Yes. Yeah, I would say that. Because the information that people get is very blurred, so yeah, I do. And it's all in such little bits and pieces that has nothing to do with what I said. You know how communication works. It's like, by the time it goes from this person to that person, somebody has added their little version in there, and by the time it get all the way around the room, the story has completely changed. That's just the way people are. Everyone adds their own little two cents to it."

Musically, much of the record is closer to the hard-hitting rap metal of Methods Of Mayhem than the first single would lead you to believe. The beating heart is, once again, the electro rhythm machine. "If anything, I find it really hard to get excited about an acoustic drum set. So when I do play the drums now, Scott Humphrey, my producer and I, we absolutely go out of our way to make it sound new and fresh and tweak the hell out of it so it sounds crazy. So if anything, that would be my main objective these days, when I hear drums, is to trying and make them sound f**king amazing and not so stock. Because, I mean, I've been doing this for a long time and I just don't get excited about hearing an acoustic drum set anymore (laughs). Or sort of a stock guitar sound. We're always trying to push production to a new level."

Can you pick out one or two lyrics on your new album that you're particularly proud of?

"Yes! There's a song called Body Architects, and in the chorus it says, 'We all forget that we're the architects of the bodies we inhabit.' And to me, that's just such a heavy statement. Because a lot of people are searching externally for religion; they're always looking for something when you don't even need to do that. It's all inside you. And I really believe that, that we all forget that we are the architects. So, to me that's a strong message. I just said, I gotta write about this and remind people that you know what? Everything you need is just right inside you. You don't have to go looking for it."

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