TRACY G - Driven No More
by Martin Popoff

Former WWIII/Dio guitarist Tracy G. has been incredibly busy over the last few years, cranking out high quality CDs chock full of the chunky, monolithic guitar madness that caused such controversy on the man's two studio Dio albums Strange Highways and Angry Machines, not to mention live shows and the live record Inferno: Last In Live. Look to for Driven - Citizen X, Rags - Tear 'Em Up (a reissue of a stomping '88 indie album), the self-titled from The Tracy G Group, plus The G Factory and Deviating From The Set List, both as simply Tracy G - the latter album features huge, stone-carved, axe-maniac'ed renditions of classic rock classics.

Here's an exclusive BW&BK update from the man, on what's coming down the pipes next. "It's been a bit of a dry spell for this last year, as far as things go with respect to putting things out for people to buy. I have a band called Driven and I have a new CD for this group, and it's done already. It's mastered, and we're looking to do some gigs in the very near future, so we're rehearsing on the stuff. But I came across a big dilemma - I basically had to change the name of the band. There are a lot of other bands in this area called Driven. So I don't know, when it comes to naming a band, it's like naming a kid or something; it's weird. Especially since we've kind of had Driven for three years, and when we think of the band, we think of that word. So we're rehearsing, but we'll have to come up with a name pretty quick so I can do some promotion on this, and package this new CD and shop it around. And then I have an instrumental CD, which is in the works; I'm basically mixing that right now. That's one of my other little solo projects. And that got pushed back, because the Driven thing was taking longer than I thought."

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