TRACY G - Driven No More Page 2
by Martin Popoff

And what is the style of the Driven album"

"Gosh, what is that" It's like the old school meets new school because... you know, these days, you think of old heavy metal, and you think of the '80s. And then you've got '90s metal, which sounds just a little bit more modern. The singer is kind of a young guy. He's not really influenced by the '80s singers so much, more so the '90s bands. He's more of a punk screaming kind of maniac guy. He's not a singer like classic rock people would think of a singer. So I kind of lose the fans there. If anyone is kinda into a traditional Dio voice, then they're going to hate this!"

How has your guitar sound and style changed since the Dio years, and what was it all about in the Dio years"

"I'm trying to think back to when I first joined the band," sez Tracy. "I first joined the band in '93, and when I did the first album, Strange Highways, my style, compared to the direction before that, took him into a different direction. And I was with him until '99. When I left the band, I think it got a little bit heavier and a little stranger and more outside, if that makes any sense. I'm not really going for commercialism, or what's happening, or what's new. I'm just trying to express myself. And sometimes that leads you to strange places that not everybody might like. I'm not really a people pleaser, I guess (laughs)."