TRIUMPH - The Hits Keep Comin'...
by Martin Popoff

Canadian legends TRIUMPH are working on a new greatest hits pack (of note, this is on the heels of a Castle Music two CD package called Livin' For The Weekend: The Anthology).

"It'll be a video, a double package, with a DVD of all the videos," reveals bassist Mike Levine, in a BW&BK exclusive. "It'll feature all of your Triumph favourites, remixed, not just remastered. It will have a nice book which we've been working on for the last couple of months, probably 20 to 30 page booklet. So we're kind of enthused about it, because we're digging through the old stuff and finding neat stuff for the packaging. There will be some previously unreleased material on it. And I think the fans are going to love it, because it's just a whole different take. I mean, the last kind of greatest hits we did was Classics, which MCA put out, which, you know, none of us were exactly thrilled with the packaging on that (laughs)."

Mike was surprised to hear about exiled guitarist Rik Emmett playing live with a rock band again, Triumph hits included. "You know what? I don't know - he might be. But as far as we know, he's not interested in doing anything Triumph."

Meanwhile, back at the drums, Gil Moore is rocking successfully through his celebrated Metalworks studio in Mississauga, just to the west of Toronto.

"The studio is actually doing really well," says Mike. "It's been really busy. A big producer has been in there recently with the Barenaked Ladies. And Gil started a school, Metalworks Institute, which is doing very well. So that's pretty much been his life, getting the school off and running. It's a beautiful facility. I mean, if I want to learn something about recording technology, I would go there (laughs)."

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