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By Martin Popoff

And given that the other two days of the event, non-metal days as it were, drew only about 100,000 each, one suspects that that reality had a lot to do with the financial deficit of the thing... "Yes, and plus, a lot of people got in for free on our day."

In other Triumph reissue plans, look for a renegotiation of the catalogue deal (the CDs are all currently available, but rights are up soon), as well as possibly a box set - although Mike sez not to hold your breath. "Yeah, thought about it. It's just so much work to put one of those together (laughs). We should do one. We actually have a design for it. We just don't know what to put in it yet. We might just do a special edition, gold CDs or whatever, put everything in, that kind of thing, and have them signed or whatever."

But fear not, there are more immediate plans. "There's an indoor show we're going to put out on DVD, from the Sport Of Kings tour, and that's been taking up some time. Although the audio is done for that now, now we're just working on the pictures and the bonus stuff. And we're also remixing for a new greatest hits album. And that's been a lot of fun, because we're also doing it in Surroundsound as well as stereo. So just hearing those songs with today's production techniques, it's amazing. They hold water; the original tracks are solid and it sounds like they are recorded today."

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