TRIUMPH - Fried Alive! Page 4
By Martin Popoff

With the upsurge in interest with all things classic rock (witness the huge success of, I wondered what the coolest press was, that Triumph had seen with this new festival set.

"I guess CNN Radio. They did a whole thing... they were doing a festival kind of comparison thing. Okay, whatever happened to the big festivals? They're just not there anymore. And with the Us Festival being one of them, our timing was kind of perfect for that. So that went out over, I don't know, 5000, 6000 stations around the world. So that was kind of the top of the food chain. VH1 Classics is all over this. I mean, they've got three, well two right now... there is going to be a third clip from the DVD in heavy rotation. And in late November, they're going to broadcast the entire DVD of the show, as a special."

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