TROUBLE - Dave Grohl... Report For Duty!
by Martin Popoff

Legendary doomsters TROUBLE, as was reported here recently, are getting set to release their "unplugged" EP, Simple Mind Condition. But, as guitarist Rick Wartell explains in an exclusive to BW&BK, that is only the lubrication as it were, to the band getting down to business, that is, the follow-up to '95's Plastic Green Head.

"Actually, we've got 15 songs written, and we're kind of in a holding pattern because Dave Grohl (FOO FIGHTERS, PROBOT) has agreed to play the drums on the record for us, and we're kind of waiting for his schedule to free up. And he said that it would possibly be later in August. So, no one knows for sure. But we're not going away forever, so what we decided to do was, we're going to put together a little midwestern tour for October. So you know, if Grohl is ready by then, we go in, fine. If not, we're going to do these shows and keep the name alive. Because basically, we took a year off, here, again, and we're kind of notorious for that. We get out there and people are all happy that we're back together and we make a big splash, and then we're gone for a year or so and people forget about us again. So we want to try get out and let people know that we are a band and we're still together and still working."

Have you thought about how extensive this midwestern tour would be? "Well, this actually just came out yesterday; we started discussing this. We were going to do a few local shows, and then it was like, why don't we just do a midwestern thing? So I was thinking 14 shows in the Midwest, come back, and take a couple weeks off, and then do ten to 14 shows in Europe, and then come back, and then get this thing knocked out. And plus, it makes a lot of sense to do this, because Oly, our drummer, lives on the east coast. Chuck, our bass player, lives in Florida. So this is a good reason to get everyone together and finish the pre-production for the record."

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