TROUBLE - Dave Grohl... Report For Duty! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Wartell goes on to say that Oly (Jeff Olson) is fine with the Grohl situation, if it occurs, with Oly to contribute keyboards and percussion. With respect to the acoustic EP, Wartell offers the following.

"Yeah, we're finished recording and everything is mixed. We're just waiting for the master, the mastering process, to come back. And we'll put that up on our site for sale. It's six songs, so yeah, I guess that would be considered an EP. We re-did four of the old ones, and put two new ones on it. It's 'Rain', 'Misery Shows Act II' - I guess you could consider it 'Act III' now - 'Flowers', 'Requiem', and then the two new ones are '7 AM' and 'Smile'. We also recorded 'Tragedy Man' for it, but I don't think anybody was really happy with the way that came out, so I think we're going to scrap that. What we wanted to do was put seven songs on it, leading up to the next album, which is entitled Seven. But it may not work out that way (laughs)." In other news, reissues of the first two Trouble albums (Trouble and The Skull) are also in the works. The band is currently split as to leaving them "sacrosanct" or to add bonus material, but that will all be decided in the coming months.

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