TY TABOR - Er... Pretty Good?
by Martin Popoff

KING'S X guitarist TY TABOR is celebrating the imminent release of the band's new Ogre Tones album by issuing his third solo album.

"It's going to be worldwide with InsideOut," says Ty with respect to the business arrangements, the King's X album also to be launched the same way. "It's in the works now. It's about three quarters finished. I'm liking it so much I'm afraid to talk about it (laughs). Well, I'll just say it's the first solo album where I could just be at home for several months at a time and do it right. Because every other time I've ever recorded solo stuff, it's been fragmented over a long period of time, and there's no continuity. And by the time you get ready to put an album out, you're already sick of a lot of the stuff and you don't like it anymore. Well, this is all fresh, it's all right now, and because of that, it's the first album to ever be that for me. It's rockin' pretty heavy at the moment, I'm really digging it. A good friend of mine on drums, that I grew up with, a guy named Randy St. John, he's a really heavy slugger of a drummer, and he just brings a new power to the stuff I'm writing."

Song titles Ty's got include 'Ride' and 'Wading In'. 'One of them, I'm not sure what I'm going to call it, but I think I'm going to call it 'Pretty Good'," laughs Ty, also adding that he thinks he might call the album that. "And it's one of my favourite songs on the record. That song and 'Ride' are just rocking tunes. And when I say rocking, I don't mean metal, I mean rock 'n' roll - you know Zeppelin heavy rock, not metal."

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