TY TABOR - Er... Pretty Good? Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Any other side-project stuff going on?

"Right now, I'm actually trying not to do side-projects, so that for once, I can stay focused on doing something like King's X and the solo stuff. It's like the last six years have been such a blur. I've been doing so many projects, that after awhile, I just felt like I was a robot or something. And we took some time off this year. We stayed home for... by the time we go out on the road, we would've stayed home almost the whole year. And for us that's amazing, that that would happen. That's a long time. So essentially, you think that's the time to do a bunch of side-projects, but intentionally I decided not to do anything, and just focus instead on the band and solo stuff."

See www.kingsxonline.com for more, as well as the excellent Jeff Wood-produced cover art for Ogre Tones.