U.D.O. - Flippin' The Bird
by Martin Popoff

With Mark Tornillo grabbing hold of vocals and more than upholding the reputation of a legendary band called Accept, a very important past singer for that band responds in kind, turning in his 13th opus of high-spirited Germanic power metal, monikered, oddly, Rev-Raptor. That throat of terror, one Udo Dirkschneider, explains at least semi-helpfully, "It's another English word for rebel, and raptor is a bird, so it means rebel bird, if you want to translate it one to one. It means, in a way, he is a rebel."

"Don't get me wrong, we were writing new songs," continues Udo, the metal heart of a band called U.D.O., when asked what the personality of the new album versus recent well-regarded triumphs such as Mastercutor and Dominator. "And yeah, what we were trying to do with this album was to make as many different songs as we can, and not in the same style. We have really fast songs, slow songs, it's a very good mix of songs, which was the first thing we brought to the new album, and also we were going a little bit back with the twin solos, more melody, a little more quiet stuff, and a little bit different arranging too. That was the thinking of the new album."

One of the obvious traits of this band, which hasn't changed much frankly, through its run, is this idea that what one is listening to is a high-octane, highly polished version of Accept. 'Renegade', 'Dr. Death', 'Terrorvision'... cross Painkiller with Russian Roulette and that's U.D.O. - Teutonic headbanging meets blinding, cold steel production.

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