U.D.O. - Flippin' The Bird Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"Yeah, the producer is again Stefan Kaufmann and with the new album, it's like we stay to our roots, music-wise, the basics, but what we tried to put on is a little bit more modern sounds. A lot of people say well, the guitars aren't the same as they were in '81, but we are not in '81 - it's 2011 (laughs). So we try to put two things together: the music is still back to the roots, but we try to mix in sounds that are more modern. That's the philosophy of the production of the album."

You seem to like a lot of edge and brightness and definition to the drums... "Yeah, I mean, the drums, are really played, but in the old days you would have a tape machine, analog, but now - I'm not really a technical guy (laughs) - but now, you play the drums directly into the computer, so that means the producer, Stefan Kaufmann, there are things that he can change after the drums have already been played; he can work with the drums and say, 'Okay, I can make this break a bit different,' stuff like that. That's how we do it."

"This is a family; we're very close together," continues Dirkschneider, asked if he could articulate how U.D.O. differs from its close brethren, Accept. "The whole chemistry is completely right, which reminds me a little bit of the old Accept times. And of course, I have Stefan Kaufmann with me, who was the drummer in Accept and now he's the guitarist in U.D.O.. You can also hear the roots of Accept, because the voice is always there. As well, Igor, the other guitar player, and Fitty, the bass player, they are getting more and more into the songwriting. Fitty, he was doing most of the music on the title song, 'Rev-Raptor', and 'I Give As Good As I Get', and Igor was doing most of the music for 'Pain Man' and 'Fairy Tales Of Victory'. And they are also working on arrangements and things like that, which is also very cool. But still you can say that the main songwriters are Stefan and me."

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