U.D.O. - Dropping The Hammer On North America Page 2
by Martin Popoff

As for Kasperi's skills... "Yes, well, we'll have to see on the next album (laughs). The whole thing that they're doing is great. Francesco (Jovino, drums) also is younger. It makes me also younger, you know? It's a new experience, and so in a way, something new is going on. It's great to work with these two new guys. And so now there we are on the tour with them. I feel very comfortable with these two guys. For me, it's like I've played with them for a couple of years, so everything is fine at the moment."

Lyrically on Steelhammer, look for the tried and true U.D.O. oeuvre or formula to be maintained.

"Yeah, we never change lyrics," laughs Dirkschneider. "I mean, we are talking about things happening around the world. For example, 'A Cry Of A Nation', we don't want to see the nations cry, but with all the financial crises that are going on... what happens every day, that's what we're writing about. We also write songs about our own music. Plus the new single that's coming up, 'Metal Machine' is about machines taking all the jobs from the humans, like in the car industry or even the Internet."

And before we go, to close, there's been a bit of a reissue program, that actually has helped make this tour possible, in a sense.

"Yeah, the whole back catalogue of U.D.O., now you can buy all the albums in America and Canada. That was not happening during the last ten years or whatever; it was always very hard to get all the albums over here. And that was also why we were not coming over here, since 2000. There was no backup for this. But now we have the whole back-up, the whole back catalogue out, and we have a management company promoting all that stuff, so now it makes sense to come over. So now we're doing a short tour and we will see what's going on for U.D.O.. Maybe we'll come back next year for a longer tour."