Holy U.D.O.! - Blood-Curdling Screams From Inside The Sanctuary Page 3
by Martin Popoff

On his gargoyle-screeched vocal skills, Udo is typically nonchalant. "I just open my mouth and it comes out, no problems. I mean, the only problem I have is when I have a cold, but this is normal. But I never really had problems on a tour or in a studio, I mean, I'm lucky; I'm very lucky." And you're still smoking a lot? "Yes. Too much (laughs). Sometimes I try to quit, but it never really works. But that just might be my secret (laughs)."

Contrary to legend, Udo has not been the victim of a heart attack. "No, this is wrong. I never had a heart attack. I had, how do you call it, a body breakdown? That was in 1990, when we did the Faceless World album. I was overworked. I was producing some bands, I was writing songs for other bands, I was producing my own album, so I was overworked. But I never had a heart attack. Somebody was telling some magazine that I had a heart attack and now I have to live with this forever (laughs). I mean, I'm very healthy, I'm feeling no problems at all."

Might we see the U.D.O. production on these shores soon? "Yes. At the moment I've heard from Nuclear Blast and I heard we are coming over for the first part to do eight or ten shows possibly at the end of May, after the second leg of the European tour. Then our plan is to come over in September for a proper tour."