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By Martin Popoff

How finished is the stuff that they present to you? "Not very, no. You either get snippets. Sometimes Michael will play just a solo or bits and pieces that sound really good and we will embellish on that. It's usually down to a verse chorus and a middle eight or something, or a bridge."

Bassist Pete Way gives his impression of the album. "You know, it's funny because Force It is kind of what we feel we've gotten back to, more of a basic style of hard rock, back to our roots. We hadn't had done an album for awhile. We just got into a rehearsal room together and said let's see how it goes. It's something that came together very, very easily. I am not exactly sure really. We just seemed to get a mood going, and this time the mood was more gritty, rather than the softer side of UFO. I think this one is more like a three-piece rock band, more choruses, more guitar-dominated."

And Pete's take on the curious album title? "I would say that 'covenant' describes what we have going together. It's almost an unwritten law that we seem to get together every once in awhile. It's like our destiny. Whenever we think, are we ever going to do anything together again, the next week we're there doing it. It's almost like some sort of unwritten bond."

Phil characterizes his lyrical work on the album as "a bit doom and gloom in places. I'm working on a solo album actually here in L.A. right now with Jeff Kollman, so I was thinking of making it happier. I don't think they're very jolly. They're a bit doomy. I'm very pleased with the way it came out. 80% of the album I'm very pleased with, lyric-wise anyway. I guess things like 'Unraveled' would relate to Pete Way, with his touch of lunacy, but at the same way it relates to me. 'Midnight Train', that was about when we went to Russia, and Michael wasn't even around. That's the train that runs from St. Petersburg to Moscow. That's a really cool train. I remember Pete almost got molested by one of the women, a really large Russian guard. These are the kinds of things that you've forgotten about it, but eventually pop up."

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