ULI JON ROTH - Will North America See Him Live?
by Martin Popoff

Classical (and sky) guitar maestro, Uli John Roth, a man forever linked to his work on a bunch of classic Scorpions albums, is celebrating the release of his new record Metamorphosis, an album that examines Vivaldi's Four Seasons (along with new Uli-penned poetry) while adding a "fifth season," a fully original piece that lends the album its name. The man has also done G3 and Legends Of Rock, along with his classical gigs, and one of these situations might be landing on these shores soon.

"At the moment, I've got a lot of tours lined up," reveals the man, on the line from his cliff-side mansion in Wales. "I mean, there are constantly new gigs being added. It starts at the end of February; you'll find all that at the website (www.ulijonroth.com). And there is the distinct possibility - in fact there is the likelihood - of me going to the states and hopefully also Canada. I would love to play Canada, because, again, I haven't ever played there."

And what kind of band would you bring over here?

"This would depend completely on the various set-ups. I mean, there is talk of classical things, which would be more orchestral, and there is talk of rock things. At the moment, nothing has been booked, but things are in the pipeline, so I don't want to decide on the format yet."

And if, in fact, it is the swirling, exuberant rendition (and beyond) of Four Seasons fans will experience, it might be of advantage to know the motivations of the man behind the plan.

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