MICK UNDERWOOD - Page, Plant, Jones... Underwood? Page 5
by Martin Popoff

"So anyway, just about on the same night, I got a phone call from... I think it was Gloria. And then Ian phoned me up, and I didn't know Ian at all. And he said, 'We'd really like you to play with us in Episode Six,' blah blah blah. And Episode Six were quite a happening band at that time. They weren't selling huge records, but they were busy; they were doing recording sessions and stuff, and radio sessions. And I gave it a thought and I thought, well, the Yardbirds, it was a little bit... it was only going off to Scandinavia to fulfill some dates, you know? And I actually passed on it. And I called Peter back, and I said, 'Sorry Peter, I can't do it.' And he said that's fine. You know, there were no offers of jobs; it would've been a case of what worked out. And well, you know the history after that (laughs). And good luck - I loved Bonham. He was fabulous, loved his playing. I don't feel bitter and twisted about that, because it wasn't meant to be, you know? So that's a little story. And that's how I came to join Episode Six. They were pretty much a vocal band. I think they needed, particularly at that time, a little bit more weight in the rhythm section, if you like. Which is what I tried to achieve with them. I probably screwed them up, I don't know (laughs)."

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