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by Martin Popoff

With an album this good, one figures Heep will receive less stick than Maiden or Priest did when it comes to the shocking idea of... "doing the whole of the album, on stage," affirms Bolder. "We are playing every song, which is taking a big risk (laughs). I mean, you go out there and play every song and that's 11 new songs in the set, that people have not heard. Or the ones that bought the album will, but you'll get people out there that won't have. So that's a bit risky, but, it seems that from the reviews we've had, everybody thinks it's great. So why go out there and play the same old stuff over and over again? I mean, throughout the career we must've covered the whole Heep catalogue, over the years. And it's so refreshing to go out there and just play the new stuff. Plus I mean we're playing 'July Morning', 'Easy Livin'', 'Lady In Black', the popular ones, 'Sunrise'. But the new ones are going down great, so we're pleased with that."

The road goes on forever for Heep, and one wonders what the guys do to keep sane out there. "Well, we just like playing, I suppose; otherwise we wouldn't do it," reflects Trevor. "It's quite hard work being on the road. We've been on the road now for five weeks and we're really looking forward to going home this weekend for a couple of days, before we do the British tour. But it's better than doing a job, you know (laughs)."

Are you big readers, video game guys, museum-goers, sports guys?

"No, I mean, I keep fit on the road every day; I do that. I work out for an hour a day, and I usually walk a lot. I always go for a walk, walk around the town where we are, have a look around. If I've got the time. I mean, I'm not a big reader. I will read now and again, and I used to play video games, but I got bored with that one. Don't do that anymore (laughs). And I don't really watch a lot of movies on the tour bus and stuff. We usually sit and talk a lot. You know, you've got ten people on a tour bus; there's always someone to talk to. I mean Mick does Sudoku and reads a lot, and Phil is writing some play or some book or some film at the moment. Bernie watches TV, and Russell, I don't know what he does - he just sort of sits there (laughs). Russell doesn't go anywhere. He doesn't go out of his room. He won't go for a walk. He's a typical drummer, because Lee was like that. Never, never, ever went for a walk. Just stayed in his room and watched television. That was his relaxation. But you don't get much time to yourself anyway when you're on the road. You're in and out of hotels, and you've got a couple of hours here or there; the rest of the time you're with everybody."

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