URIAH HEEP - Snap Your Fingers... Page 4
by Martin Popoff

The Heep machine vows to get over to North American shores, an all too rare event for this band over the last coupla decades...

"Yeah, well, they're talking about starting in January, mid-January, and starting off in Canada, and then working through, I think, six gigs in Canada and then going on to America. Three or four weeks doing House Of Blues and stuff like that. So we're looking forward to doing that. It just needs confirming now. We're just going to go out there and tour the world and hopefully sell some records. And hopefully impress some people. I mean, we're trying to get a lot of the younger audience in as well. Which we've been doing on this tour, funnily enough. There are a lot of young kids out there who really like our stuff, that are into the bands that are similar to us. We're trying to get our music across to them as well. Plus the regular fans that we have. We're trying to expand our audience."

Well I think, the industry is starting to realize that there is gold in these venerable brands.

"Yes! I mean, we're quite surprised that we're getting quite a lot of young girls out to concerts. Which is amazing for us (laughs). But yeah, we want to expand our market and get our music out to the world as much as possible. I mean, we've had some amazing reviews. We've just got to get it out there and get it on radio. I think that's our next goal, to get more radio play. Hopefully in America and Canada we'll get that."