STEVE VAI - Taming The Wild Things
by Greg Pratt

STEVE VAI may be a virtuoso guitar god who has sold, with all his various bands and solo projects, over 20 million records in his 30-year career, but he's an easy guy to talk to. Especially if you're interviewing him. Take his answer to question number one I posed to him when I got him on the blower to chat about his new live DVD (also available on Blu-ray) and CD, Where The Wild Things Are. Said question being: how are things going?

"I'm focusing on promoting and prepping the release of my new concert DVD," he begins. "That in itself is a big focus. When you're an artist you have these phases of a project you go through. First, there's the fun part; you just have the blank slate and it's just limited to your imagination. That's the time I like to conceive of an entire project, how it's going to look, whether it's going to be a DVD, what kind of instruments I'm going to use, the musical dynamic, the band, all of that. Then you go about the phase of making it. That has a lot of elements to it. You have to get the band together, you have to rehearse them... Then after that, you plan the tour-how are you going to get out there, where are you going to go? That has a lot of interesting challenges, getting the music in shape, are you going to record it, are you going to make a DVD, what is it going to be like, how many countries are you going to go to? I love it, I gotta say, virtually every aspect of being a musician to me has very enjoyable moments. Some of it's really difficult and tedious, when I have to edit certain projects and get in there and forensically fix shit, when you're not feeling well and have to get on stage... there's little challenges. The phase that I'm in now is I've got a product and I've got to let people know it's out there (laughs)."

Yowza. Dude likes to talk just like he likes to play a mean goddamn axe. And play a mean goddamn axe he does all over this DVD. And it's no surprise that the performance features a decidedly orchestral edge (but, in a non-pussy kinda way), given that Vai had just finished a CD and DVD project (Sound Theories and Visual Sound Theories) with the METROPOLE ORKEST.

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