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by Greg Pratt

"I'm very excited about that," says Vai. "It's a fantastic charity; they take at-risk and homeless teens from the street and put creative tools in their hands. I gotta say, some of these kids, their challenges in life have been unbelievable. And even when you think you can imagine what some of these kids have been through, you really can't. Their minds are obsessed with their life and what they've been through, but give them an opportunity to use a different part of their brain and really focus on their creative element and you'd be shocked, man, what it does for these kids. There are unbelievable success stories where a lot of these kids have gone off to college and become vital, great contributors to a healthy society, whereas before they were just fighting their demons."

Vai says he was "surprised" about all the items they received to auction off. There is one item in particular that he's got his eyes on. "There's one thing I know I'm gonna buy and I don't care what it costs me… one of TOM WAITS' hats," he chuckles.

Getting back to the new DVD, it's only natural to wonder about that name, given the movie of the same name being released mid-October. Vai says he did indeed take the name from the kids' book the movie is based on; he loves the book and long wanted to name a project after it.

"I always liked the title," he admits. "I thought it was mysterious and fun and always wanted to use it. I was going to name the DVD Paint Me Your Face. But Where The Wild Things Are kept sticking in my mind; I tried to name a couple of projects that but always pulled back. I thought, I'm going to go for it. The moment I decided to go for it, and had everything printed up, Warner Bros. decides to release a film called Where The Wild Things Are. (laughs) But, who cares?"

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