STEVE VAI - Unmasked! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"So you look at them very carefully and you say 'Oh, that's what they look like.' Well, if you've got a mask on, you leave something to be revealed. So by coming out with a mask on, it keeps people wondering. Like, there he is, yet it's not him. And then when I do the second song, and I take the mask off, well, voila, there something else that's revealed. It keeps it interesting, and it maintains a mystique. And by the same token, I change my clothes several times throughout the show because I want to keep it interesting on many levels. Not just, these are songs, and I play guitar."

Finally, here's Vai's six month plan. "I'm working on some orchestrations for a concert that is going to take place in May in Holland, with the Holland Metropol Orchestra. And then right after that, I go on tour in Europe, in June, July and August. And then in September, hopefully a new record will come out, if I finish it in time (laughs). And then September, October, November, I'm touring in America. That's my schedule. The new record? It'll have vocals; it will be pretty guitar-heavy. I was working on another record with a completely different concept that was very ambitious, but I had to shelve it because this concept started to become compromised, because of certain time restraints. So I'm working on a record that is, you know, it's a Vai record."