VANILLA FUDGE - A Clinic No Musician Should Miss Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Talk turns to the excesses of the road, something the Fudge definitely understands, Bogert in the early '70s also part of Cactus and Beck, Bogert, Appice, two other hard-living acts that helped build the beast called heavy metal.

"You can only party for so long, so hard, until you just don't have any time left and your heart gives out," cautions Bogert. "That's it. How many of our friends of my age are gone? John Entwistle went a couple years ago, etc. etc. And he was still partying. He was still partying! I loved my life in the 20s and 30s. God, I had more fun than you can shake a stick at. I had more fun than we can talk about with that recorder running. But, you can't do that forever. You know, life is a journey, and if you disrespect the place you are, they call you home (laughs, pointing up). Sorry, in the penalty box! Dirt nap."

See for more on the band's current recordings, band member sites, and jes' lots of stuff. As well - don't miss them live if they come to your town. They put on a musicianly four-way-vocal tour de force that will leave your jaw on the floor, all with a sound system that is among the very best this writer has ever heard.