VINNIE APPICE - Missing A Leg But Still Super
by Martin Popoff

Having recently completed touring for three and a half weeks with George Lynch, legendary drum-whacker Vinnie Appice is heading back for more work on his supergroup project THREE-LEGGED DOG.

It's a little confusing, but here's the gist. "I actually have a band in LA called the HOLLYWOOD ALL-STARS," begins Vin. "It's me on drums, this other guy on drums - it's like a fun thing - Carlos Cavazo from QUIET RIOT, Jimmy Bain from (ex-DIO, RAINBOW), the singer from BONHAM, we go out and do four or five shows, weekends. So we have been doing gigs, but not a long tour."

Which singer from Bonham?

"Chas West, who actually sung with George a little bit. He's a party animal, but he's a good singer, and we just got a deal on Universal Records with that too. It's called Three-Legged Dog, so we've got that and we're going to finish recording in January, and then we had this all-star band, with that lineup, - Carlos on guitar - and we've been doing gigs like that. And Jimmy's doing good. He called me about a year and a half ago, to try and put something together. And that's how we hooked back up. Then we went through different guitar players and found Carlos, and then we found another guy. His name is Brian Young - plays with DAVID LEE ROTH. I started writing with this guy and he came up with some great stuff, and that's what got us a deal. But yes, Jimmy's doing good, and me and him play f**king as tight as shit together. It's great."

Look for a Vinnie Appice credit, along with Jeff Pilson (ex-DOKKEN), on the latest LOUDNESS record, and also session credits for Italian metal label Powerzone.