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by Martin Popoff

And how many people could Anthrax pull in at a show over there?

"In most cases, 90% of the time, the shows were sold out, and we were doing an average of, I would say, 1100 people a night, so it was pretty good. a couple of the shows were 1800."

"I think it's a little early to bring that up," replies Vera, on whether he would be around for the next Anthrax studio album. "At this point, I'm just filling in for this new situation that's occurred in the band, a pretty big situation, given that Frank has been in the band for 20 years already, or something. So it's kind of a big deal. Even though he's announced he's in Helmet, nobody is closing the door on anything in the future. Who knows what's going to happen? For me, I'm just taking everything day by day. But I'd be up for anything. I'm having a blast, everyone is great in the band and the crew, and everybody's cool."

And Fates Warning? "I had a couple weeks off after the Japan and Australian tour with Anthrax, and I had to change my headgear and go into Fates world for a little while. I just went back east and recorded my parts for the new record; I just got back weekend before last. So my parts are all done and the stuff is sounding killer. I don't want to give away too much. I told someone this the other day and they said, 'Well, that's not really a stretch.' I said that it was a little darker and more brooding than the last record, and the guy goes, 'They're all like that!' (laughs). But I think it's got a lot more guitar and straight-ahead grooves and music and a little bit less keyboards. So it's going that way."

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