JOEY VERA Interview Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Is it hard for you to get this stuff from fans? Do you have to pay them or do they just let you use it?

"You know, they send it to us (laughs). I get stuff all the time. They either send it to me or when I'm on the road traveling with whoever, people come up and give me videos. And I kind of take it as licensed; when people come up and give me something, it's free for me to use (laughs). I mean, it's not like they can own copyright on it anyway. And I make no bones about it that these are bootleg videos; it's even on the front cover. It's not like these things are three or four camera shoots. But I put together a program that is about an hour long, about 12 songs, plus a bunch of offstage stuff, touring, traveling, just goofing off. The whole thing is meant to be taken with tongue in cheek."

"That's a very good question," laughs Vera, in closing, at whether with all this going on, Armored Saint is a sleeping giant. "We're pretty much on hiatus, like we were before. But the fact that we made a record, has put it in everybody's mind that there is the possibility of us doing another one. But it just depends on when and how. When we got together in 2000, we hadn't been together for eight years. There was some loose talk about making another record, but there was a strong possibility of never making another record. But when we decided to just get together and do it for fun, and not make a career move out of it, that's when we decided to go ahead and do it. We had some downtime at that time with our other bands. So that's the reason we got back together in 2000, and I think that needs to be the same sort of scenario to do another one. Like I said, I don't want to turn this into some kind of a stress situation, where we have to make another record, have to go on the road, have to try to sell records, have to please these other situations outside of us. Then it becomes too much of a job. And we really had a blast when we did that in 2000. That's the reason we got back together, because there were no expectations for anything. It was just truly fun. I would never want to do it if it wasn't like that again."