VAN HALEN - More Rumours Than Albums Page 2

Current plans for Van Halen with David Lee Roth are mixed at best. According to some reports including the KLOS Rock Report on Friday, February 18th, members of DAVID LEE ROTH'S DLR band have confirmed that Roth is indeed working with VAN HALEN and there are reports of an upcoming July 4th HBO special from Washington and 2 CD set (which would include one CD of all new material and one Best Of Live CD culled from '70 and '80s shows with David Lee Roth.) Other reports state that there are no plans for a full new studio album. Instead what is being prepared for release is Greatest Hits Volume 2, which will once again include two newly recorded tracks with Roth. The album would also feature tracks from the Hagar years and none with Gary Cherone. These two new songs will come from work the band had already started with Gary Cherone before his departure. The band is said to be recording with Roth at Eddie's 5150 studio. A possible producer is Glenn Ballard who last worked with the band on the two new tracks that were added to Greatest Hits Volume 1.

What is known for sure is that longtime Whitesnake lead singer, David Coverdale did record with the band. Everything rumored several months ago did happen. The news was initially leaked to the press to feel out fan reaction. After initial reaction wasn't entirely favorable stories were run to cover up the project. An interview with David Coverdale rumored to be false and attacked was in fact true. Sessions took place and a demo tape was recorded. This tape contains three new songs written by the band with Coverdale and was produced by Bob Ezrin (who has also worked with Kiss and Alice Cooper). There is also an audition tape consisting of some 20 songs, on which Coverdale jams with the band on various Whitesnake and Van Halen tunes (from both Roth and Hagar eras).

The sessions with Coverdale went extremely well and he may still be named as Van Halen's new lead singer if Eddie gets his way. There is said to be arrangement for Coverdale to step in on the tour if anything should go wrong with Roth. Whatever happens this should be a very exciting year for Van Halen and their fans.