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By Martin Popoff

"No, it's just singing every day. It's just like working out. The more you sing every day, the stronger the voice gets. It's actually worse after you take like a day off or a couple days off. That first day back, it's like going back to the gym after not going for awhile. It gets a little tough, but then like after the third day after three in a row, it's great. So basically, yeah, I just got to keep singing."

I then asked Vince to comment on where his ex-bandmates are at psychologically right now, beginning with Tommy. "Well, me and Tommy went to high school together and we were great friends when we were younger. You know, I think Tommy just believes too much of his own press, for his own good. He can be a really nice guy but all of a sudden, once he married Heather, he thought he was a movie star, and he thinks he still is. And I think he's just forgotten what his roots were, which is that he's a great drummer. But he refuses to play drums anymore. Mick is just Mick; he's never really changed. He doesn't socialize at all. He's the kind of guy who would much rather just sit at home and play his guitar, rather than get out on the road. Mick just follows whatever is gonna... Mick doesn't like to make any decisions (laughs); he just likes to flow. In terms of guitar, Mick always had his own thing going. He looked cool and he had some great tones out of his guitar and played some pretty memorable stuff on the records. I've always admired him as a guitar player. And Nikki, Nikki's kind of single-handedly f**ked up Motley Crue, and it's sad. We were supposed to tour last year, we were supposed to tour this year and he refuses to do it, and it's really screwed everything up. I don't want to sit around and wait for these guys anymore and he's making a lot of decisions without telling other people in the band. Like these reissues and stuff, and so now I have to take him to court and sue him, and it's a sad thing when that happens."

How about a little bit about the direction of the next studio album?

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