VINCE NEIL - "My Crue Days Are Over" Page 3
By Martin Popoff

"My album is basically just like what I've always done, like Exposed, just a really cool rock record, lots of anthems, just rock 'n' roll, man." Looking back at the controversial Carved In Stone album, Vince says that "with that second one, I really wanted to... you know, this is way before rock and rap ever meshed. I had the idea back then, this is like what, 1995. It's way before this stuff ever came out and I had this idea to do it and I mixed and matched the two and I think it just came out about four years before it should've came out, and I think it would've been more successful. I don't think people were ready for it. But it was basically just like an experiment and I thought it turned out pretty cool."

Any humourous things on this tour you can recall (and talk about)?

"The funniest thing I think he is, Jason and Alan, they've never done a tour like this before, so they're pretty overwhelmed by it all. And Alan, you know, staying at these nice hotels, he wanted to get his laundry done. So he thought it was really easy to send it down and have the laundry do it, you know at the hotel. He gets his stuff back and he doesn't realize how much they charge. It was $175! You know, $35 just to wash his socks, $80 for his underwear and another $70 or so for his t-shirts (laughs)."

Finally, I asked Vince if his issues with Nikki could ever be resolved, would the Crue possibly fly once more? "I really have no interest," states Vince emphatically. "My Crue days are over. Like I say, I'm having way too much fun not having to deal with those guys as personalities. It's fun just being out here and having guys that actually want to be onstage and are excited about it. You know... it's refreshing."