Pantera: Re-Firing The Forge Page 5
by Martin Popoff

"I think Phils got about 1200 things on the go (laughs)" continues Vinnie. "His projects, our projects, everything that we do outside of Pantera are very important ways for us to express artistic creativity without changing the direction and the sound of what Pantera has always been about. Thats why we've always been able to stay focused. And if Phil wants to do something that is totally hardcore, or something that is mellow, almost like a movie soundtrack, or the three of us want to jam with a country and western artist for the fun of it, its all something we can do outside of Pantera without confusing when Pantera is about, without confusing the fans. They know what they get when they get a Pantera record. Its not going to be a metamorphosis where Phil went to sleep one day, and got up and said 'wow, this is exactly what we need, heres a piano, we need to get really wild!' Its always been real and true. And I think the sideprojects are a way of keeping it that way."

Otherwise, plans include Ozz-fest in the States preceded by a jaunt through Europe and Japan. European dates see Satyricon on as support, a band Phil was responsible for bringing aboard, given his past involvement with the top-flight Norwegian blacksters.

In closing, Vinnie figures there are a few loose ends to tie up, including possible dates deep into the Great White North. "Well, I'll tell you right now, Im just happy that the record is finished. Right now were trying to come together with the proper video concept for one of the singles, "Revolution Is My Name". Were just trying to get focused on going on tour. We had the option of doing our own tour, or being part of the Ozz-fest. And Ozz-fest for me, is the funnest tour on the face of the earth. You play a day, and you get a day off, play a day, get a day off. All the new bands that are out are always part of it. You get to make a lot of new friends, you really get to be in touch with the entire metal or rock community, and its a great thing for the fans. After Ozz-fest, hopefully well get up to Canada and actually do a proper tour. We've been asking for the chance to do one, do all the territories, Alberta, all that stuff. It just never has happened to this point. Its always been Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, once in a while Ottawa, once in a while Quebec City, and thats about it. We want to come up and do at least a week and a half, two weeks, nothing but Canadian dates, and I hope that happens."