Voivod . . . Lives!
by Martin Popoff

As bassist and vocalist Eric Forrest continues recovery after a life-threatening road injury (Eric: "I feel pretty good. I'm pretty lucky to be able to walk, let alone live, after what I've been through. Not too many people can do that after they break their spine in three places."), Voivod are readying two albums for release this year. The first, to be released in conjunction with a European spring tour supporting Therion (Christofer is a huge fan), is Voivod Lives, their first full official live album.

Drummer Michel Langevin explains. "It's coming out probably in April on and Metal Blade in Canada and the States and Century Media in Europe and Japan. And we're going to Europe to promote it. And then we're going to come back and hopefully tour Canada once it comes out. But first of all, it's two shows, one recorded at CBGB's in New York, and the other one recorded at the Dynamo festival in Holland. Both shows are from 1996. We did record shows in 1998, but we had technical problems and we couldn't release those tracks. Eventually we'll have another live album with an expanded repertoire."

The second album will be the band's new studio album, hopefully ready for the summer. The music's been written for two years, and pre-production has been completed, with Steve Albini expressing interest in recording it. Lyrically, Michel says it will be a concept record telling the final chapter of the Voivod saga. Musically, he offers this: "I think when Eric joined the band and we put out Negatron, I thought it was a little bit reminiscent of Killing Technology. And I think Phobos is like Dimension Hatross, and I think the next one is going to be more like Nothingface, with more psychedelia included in the writing. On the past couple of albums we've been trying to cut down on the tempo changes and find a groove that can be heavy without really being fast. And we've tried to do a little bit more ambient experimenting with the guitar effects, and not as many sampling as before. It's more of a real power trio thing but there are a lot of guitar effects of course."

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