Voivod . . . Lives! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Guitarist Dennis D'Amour, aka Piggy, echoes this sentiment. "A lot of people who listen to it like it and say they are very surprised by it. But it's hard for me to comment. But yeah, I agree, there are some surprises. I use different guitar sounds and effects, and the way we write the songs was a little different too. We tried not to repeat the same record." Eric's take on it? "I think it's the type of thing where Voivod fans from War And Pain all the way up until Angel Rat are going to like this record. It's got progressive moments as well as heavier thrash moments as well as groovy, trippin' kind of vibes. It's heavy in spots, progressive in spots, a bit of everything."

Michel has been thinking about adding as CDROM material, his years of artwork and peripheral writings on the story of the Voivod character and beyond. Parts of his library of work might show up chronologically in book form, available for sale on tour.

Additionally, the band has been involved in the Heavy Metal II soundtrack. Michel: "Yes, Piggy and I did the music for Heavy Metal II, the movie. We did the score for the trailers of the movie for USA in Japan, and then we put a song onto the movie soundtrack. It's actually not on the CD, but it's the first song on the movie. Also we did five songs for a video game called Onslaught." Finally in Voivod news, in the works is a proposed Voivod tribute album. Michel: "Relapse Records are working to put that. And so far, the people interested, I was quite surprised. There's Primus, Mr. Bungle, Sepultura, names I wasn't expecting. So hopefully that is going to see the light of day."