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by Martin Popoff

Besides this trip, Vin says he'll be at NAMM in Austin. "I have a custom snare drum that just came out by Pearl Drums," says Vin, presumably to be part of his NAMM visit. "It's a snakeskin finish - Vinnie Paul Custom Series - it has these special appointed lugs we had specially designed for it. So basically I'm promoting that, and obviously I'm promoting the Rebel Meets Rebel and Dimevision right now."

Are you looking to release material by other bands in the near future?

"Yeah, I've got a ton of tapes and I don't know what I'm looking for. The next thing I'm looking to put out is this comedian called The Chinaman. I don't know if I told you that in our last interview or not. He's amazing. I mean, he's like a rock and roller and a comedian. He can imitate just about everybody's voice. He does everything from Kiss to Van Halen. I can't even tell you everything he does. I really think he's going to be the next Dave Chappelle. So that's the next thing I'm looking to put out. And then, you know, I'm sure I'll come across something that strikes me as being pretty magical musically. And I'm still looking forward to playing again sometime. I know I'm going to play again. At one point when I was very low and trying to figure out what I was here for, I got a letter from Dave Grohl, that kind of helped me through. Just real short and to the point. He'd been through something similar with Kurt Cobain, and he thought he was done with music too. And he found out after a period of time, music is what heals things. And he said I really feel it will be the same thing with you. The further along I get into moving on and doing other things, I feel that he's right. I know it's still important to me and it's something I have a total passion for and I love and I miss, and I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to play with some other people who have kept me feeling good about playing drums. I know it will happen again."

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