MICHAEL WAGENER - KING'S X Is "One Of My Top Three Favorite Albums Ever."
Special report by Martin Popoff

Legendary German knob-twiddler Michael Wagener has worked with OZZY, ALICE, DOKKEN, ACCEPT, GREAT WHITE and RAVEN, plus a myriad of others. But he says that XV, his second production with KING'S X, is "one of my top three favorite albums ever."

Explains the famous Double Trouble production guru, "The thing is, we did one record together before this one, which is Ogre Tones, and then after that, we knew each other better. So you didn't have to say as much. Everything went more, 'Oh yeah, that's how we do it!' And in terms of other records, for me, that is one of the few bands that plays everything at the same time. They play as a band, they track as a band, and then it's done. But there's not that much difference from Ogre Tones, in terms of us working together. They're very efficient, because they are absolutely amazing musicians. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You know, sometimes when you are working, you ask a guitar player, 'Can you try this and this?' They have to practice the riff or something. Ty just plays it. You just suggest something, and the next thing you hear is what you just suggested. It's just great. And that's the same with Dug. It's just wonderful to work with them. They are very relaxed, very cool, very on top of things, and they aren't against trying stuff. So it's a lot of fun."

So you're saying rhythm guitars, bass and drums all once?

"Yes, and vocals after. For two reasons, number one, the room is occupied with the drums (laughs). And you know, vocals is another thing. You've got to be in a different mindset to sing than to play bass."

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