WARRANT - Scores A Hair Trick
By Martin Popoff

Yes friends and femme fatales, concurrent with the Poison and Tesla tours, Warrant (out with Dokken, Ratt, L.A. Guns and Firehouse) makes three, count 'em, three big hair band tours cock rockin' America and Canada at high temperatures. This latest happy hard rock extravaganza, sez Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon, was the brainchild of the ever capable and affable Obi Steinman, Warrant's manager and all-around make things happen guy. The tour runs from June 20th, quite intensively through August 1st, all of which can be gleaned at www.warrantweb.net or www.jerrydixonweb.com.

"We were going to go out by ourselves," explains Dixon, the only hair metal bassist from L.A. with his own brand of soap. "Then Ratt was going to go out by themselves, Dokken, and then we were just kind of brainstorming, hey, maybe we all could get together and if we do, that way we can play bigger places, get out of the clubs and all that."

Er, who is headbanding, headbanging... I mean, headlining? "Well, it's kind of a co-headlining thing. Nobody is really headlining. I think us, Ratt, and Dokken are all going to play the same amount of time. It should be pretty cool. We're flip-flopping with Ratt. Some nights, we'll go on before them and some nights they'll go on before us and I think Dokken will stay in the final spot. We kind of left it up to the promoters, based on whatever they felt, in their market. We kind of felt that we were all equal. Ratt and us both wanted to go on before, because after hearing four bands, it's been a long day (laughs). So that's what we felt was a good spot to have, so it's all good. Everything is equal billing. It's pretty much leave your egos at home and let's just go, bring out a genre music that people want to have a good time to."

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