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By Martin Popoff

"'Let It Roar' to me is the new 'I Wanna Be Somebody', continues Blackie on one of the more enigmatic lyrics. "It's my take on where I am now as opposed to 16 years ago when 'I Wanna Be Somebody' first came out. It's my version of the way I feel about that same idea now, the more aggressive way of saying it. If you've got it bottled up inside you, let it go. 'Evermore' is something that happened to me. It's been an ongoing thing for several years now. Because I have American Indian heritage, I spend a lot of time out in Arizona and New Mexico, in the desert, basically Indian country, or what most people think of Indian country. And I had an experience with something and it's quite long and detailed. It would take probably an hour to explain it to you. But in short, it deals with the possibility of past life experience. I'm not saying that I believe in it, but some things happened to me but it's led me to believe that there is at least the possibility of it."

Any special reading you've been doing to take you in this lyrical direction?

"Some of the past life stuff. But like I said, I don't really want to get too pro into that like I'm endorsing it, because I feel that with this whole record, I've got to be careful about a lot of things I say. I don't want to come off that I'm endorsing any one particular religious philosophy or a personal philosophy more than another. I understand that the album cover is going to whack a lot of people out. People are going to think it's blasphemy but that's not what it's intended to be. The whole idea of Unholy Terror was the idea of charisma and again, when you look at the bracketed people who are next to the lyrics you'll understand that there is a theme that runs through it where, for lack of a better word, cults, no matter how big they might be have got people to do things in the name of religion. And the vast majority of the time the most destructive end of it is the wars that are created. And that's basically what this whole thing is about. It's not an attack on religion per se. It's an attack on man under the guise of religion."

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