W.A.S.P. - Music For 1000 Watt Bullhorns
By Martin Popoff

Blackie and his blackened lessers are back with a new album, Dying For The World, a record burnt to a crisp by the events of September 11th. In sort of an odd journalistic situation, the coolest stuff the dyed and dying one had to say about the record are the stories regaled in the bio materials AND as it turns out, the CD's booklet. In effect, Blackie has written some pretty elucidating and personal liner notes, something getting to be a habit for the Wild Child.

So, despite my having a finished copy of the album, I'm hoping you don't yet, and that some of the following Blackspeak is not a repeat experience for you beastly Helldorado-based Headless Children. In any event, let the bullets fly.

"You and I talked, and 48 hours later the world gets turned upside down," begins Blackie, after being told that our last interview together was backstage at a Toronto W.A.S.P. gig, September 9th, 2001. "And ironically, I had been there about a week before you and I talked. We were going down to New Jersey to do a show after that. And as you're driving away, you get down by Newark Airport, and if you turned around and looked behind you to the skyline of New York, the only thing you would have seen would have been the Trade Centers, because they were the tallest thing there and everything else, because of the curvature of the horizon and all that, they were the only thing left that you could see. And I thought, you know, big Yankees fan, if the Yankees were going to win the World Series, I was going to go back, so I turned around and looked at the Trade Centers and I thought, 'Well, it will be a while before I see these again.' And little did I know. So you know, Yankees got in the series and I flew in, knowing they're going to be gone, but I flew into Newark, which takes you by the southern tip of Manhattan and I looked over outside the plane and I knew they were going to be gone, but it wasn't until I looked down from the plane, it was like 'Man oh man oh man.'"

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