W.A.S.P. Unholy Terror Page 3
(Metal-Is Records)

One of the most infamous examples of rock 'n' roll allegedly destined to destroy the republic at least and all of Western civilization at worst was W.A.S.P.'s single "Animal (F**k Like A Beast)." The provocative sleeve photo for the single was what really frightened the defenders of the faith. (As with all such cases, the publicity actually stimulated sales, but these cultural critics couldn't grasp that concept.) Well, it's 17 years later and the United States is the only world superpower and the country's economy and way of life are more robust for more people than ever before. But Tipper Gore, a PMRC spearhead and wife of then-Senator Al Gore, seemed very likely to become the first lady after the 2000 presidential election. It didn't happen, but the fact that the men on the Democratic Party's presidential ticket appointed themselves moral watchdogs horrified Lawless, who is used to taking these shots from the conservative, religious right-wingers in the Republican Party.

Lawless certainly isn't a man who will allow himself to be backed into a corner, and he comes out fighting fiercely on Unholy Terror. W.A.S.P. takes a provocative lyrical approach on the album, and it's reinforced by the brain-pummeling music contained within.