WITCHERY - Hard Metal Hellride! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"It's a mix of new and old," says Sharlee, addressing again the technical aspects of constructing the album. "Because this is the first album that we actually recorded digitally. All the other ones were done on good old two-inch analog. So we decided to do this digital. But there are still some analog sound effects on it like a good old tape flange and all that. Because you can't really do that in the digital domain. You have to get a tape recorder in and sit there and touch the wheels and make it go faster and slower, to get effects like that. There's a little bit of that in War Piece. It's not as obvious as when we did it on the last album though. It sounds like a phaser or a flanger. It's something that people have done forever. If you listen to Fly To The Rainbow by Scorpions, you know where the Michael Schenker part of the song stops and the Uli Roth thing starts? It's kind of a swirling-type sound. And it's done lightly all the way through for the drums on Stargazer. It was done a lot in the '70s (laughs). So there's a little bit of that at the end of War Piece."

Look for Witchery to tour Don't Fear The Reaper, the guys' rat's nests of schedules permitting. "Of course, we're looking at it. It's just a matter of sitting down and getting something together. It hasn't quite been done yet, but it will be. It's something that we really want to do."

"I think you feel you have a different vibe with anybody," says Sharlee, asked about the palpable party vibe of this particular coven of witches, when they mount their brooms. "Because apart from the music, it's different personalities that you hang out with all day. It's all a bit of a concoction of all the people who are involved on the tour, and that sets the mood for how things are done. But yes, with Witchery, everything is quite loose, it's kind of like what the music sounds like (laughs). So yeah, it is, very much so. You're quite right, because, you know, it's basically all laughs. It's never gotten to the point where it's serious business, really. Which has happened with other bands that I've played with - there's so much at stake. But here it's like, we just basically do what we want (laughs)."