JEZZ WOODROFFE - Led Zeppelin Swings! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Does Robert know about it?

"He probably does by now. Because his road manager's got a copy, and he says he's playing it at the Zeppelin Christmas party (laughs). I haven't seen Robert for about 18 months. But when we do meet, it's always very good. We're very deep friends, you know? We did some amazing stuff together and had a great time. I mean, I could pop around there, but I don't. He probably comes past the door, because his farm is just up the road from here. But we don't actually cross paths. He's too busy on his path, and my path's here (laughs)."

"It's got to be 'Since I've Been Loving You'," replies Jezz, when asked to pick a favourite moment from this refreshing, exquisitely recorded, insanely laid-back, piano, double bass and drums celebration. "It's like, every time I hear it, I think, 'Oh, I didn't know I could play like that. I was listening to them last night. You check in just to go back to make sure you got it right. I got it right. I'm happy with it; I really am. I like all the big holes in it where there is virtually nothing happening. I think Louis Armstrong used to say that's the key to it - it's what you leave out that makes what you put in work. So yeah, I really enjoyed doing it. I want to do another one, but I think it may be a Black Sabbath one. It's obvious, isn't it?"

In closing Jezz offers a wistful look back on those days with Robert, and Robert's disposition for those amazing and successful records. "Yeah, he was on... well, it was a kind of spiritual quest, is the best way of describing it. The nucleus of all of that was Robbie and me and Robert. And it was a very special time. We were very close and we were having the most fabulous fun. And when we went out on the Principal Of Moments tour, it was like going on a pilgrimage. We had that lovely little old private plane, and we just rolled around America in that going 'Mmm, this is nice.' (laughs)."