YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Ex-Singer Tells All!
Special Report from BW&BK

Former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN touring vocalist Jorn Lande (MILLENNIUM, ARK) recently gave an interview to the House Of Shred, www.houseofshred.com, website where he discussed the events leading up to his and drummer John Macaluso's leaving the tour prior to the group's scheduled performance in Cleveland on Sunday, April 8th. Here are a few select quotes from that interview:

"Basically, the story is that all the way from the beginning, there have been hassles about certain things, as well as unacceptable behavior from Yngwie and his family. We didn't actually find it amusing to have his whole family on the tour bus either. It kind of interfered with a lot of things - you know, personal lives. It just doesn't work to do it that way. And stuff happened with hotel rooms that weren't fixed and their behavior when we tried to confront them with these things. I mean, the way they treated people. But I never gave in, so I guess I got a little edgy with the family from the beginning, 'cause I didn't put up with the shit.

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