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Special Report from BW&BK

"So, in New York I told them there had been delays in payments and things had to be set straight here or else we can't continue. And I told them I wouldn't continue and that I didn't think John (Macaluso) would continue either. And we both talked to them about it and then Yngwie and April (Yngwie's wife) freaked out. His wife is very much involved in this. I mean, you can't hide behind your wife and your family. I told him, 'It's you that we're playing with, it's not your family.' Then, basically, things were about to turn out better and we were promised that they were gonna sort things out and make things better.

"Then, the next days after that NY show there was no improvement whatsoever and it became like they couldn't handle the fact that someone had confronted them with something. So then they started to avoid me in a way, so I started to feel that kind of tension and things actually became worse. So then I just told them 'This is it, this is too much of a soap opera, too much of an instigating kind of situation.' I mean, there's three rules when you're working: you get your pay when you're supposed to get paid, you get your room when you're supposed to sleep and you get your privacy when you can. Very simple moral rules that everyone in the world, or at least most people, except for these people, understand. It's just not very professionally run.

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