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Special Report from BW&BK

"His father-in-law is suddenly running part of the thing with his wife and they all say different things. So I just had to tell them, 'You've all been lying, you've all been bullshitting from day to day. 'Who the f**k do you think you're dealing with?' I mean, there were just f**king lies all over the place so I told them, 'This is it! I have to sort everything now, or else I'm not going to stay here anymore, I'm just quitting the thing, because this is really not my way of dealing with things.'

Meanwhile, Yngwie has issued his own statement refuting much of what was addressed in the aforementioned Lande interview and offering his own version of what transpired on that fateful night. Here is Yngwie's statement in its entirety:

"This message is spoken directly to my fans. I am extremely sorry that many of you were not able to come to my shows [April 10-28, postponed due to departure of Jorn Lande and John Macaluso] and share an evening of great rock 'n roll with me on what has been scheduled as my biggest world tour in 8 years. While I do not intend to stoop to the level of the National Enquirer, fighting back and forth on every web site over the events that have derailed my USA tour and made planning for the European tour very difficult, I do want to set a couple of things straight.

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